What is the process?

Growth Marketing 360 uses a proven 5 Step Process to ensure that our Video Marketing System captures your message and delivers it successfully to your customer so that you grow your business.

Step 1 – Design Campaign: We meet to understand your business, goals and desired message. Then, we design a marketing campaign targeted to grab the attention of your ideal customer.

Step 2 – Produce Video: Using our potent in-house sales copywriting formula, we craft your message into the script of your professionally produced custom animated video.

Step 3 – Video Email Marketing: Expertly written marketing email content is developed along with beautiful graphics and then paired with your video to maximize appeal and response.

Step 4 – Landing Page: A hyper-targeted web landing page customized to deliver the details of your unique message—along with a compelling call-to-action—is created to increase conversions.

Step 5 – Send the Email & Measure Results: Once the ingredients above are ready, your email may be sent and results tracked!

Throughout this process, we keep you involved and well informed with frequent status updates so that you know what’s going on at all times.

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