How can I avoid accidentally becoming a spammer?

Here are some steps you can take to avoid accidentally becoming a spammer:

  • Sending your first campaign to an old list? Some recipients won’t remember you, and they’ll report you for spamming. Remind them who you are and how they got on your list in the first place. Contact Growth Marketing 360 to help you through the process of reactivating inactive subscribers / contacts and create a verified permission-based email list.
  • Importing from a CRM? Break your list into separate segments or interest groups so you can send relevant content to your customers (“People I met at a trade show,” “People who bought a certain product from us in the past”). Don’t just mix a bunch of different lists together.
  • Before creating your email list, remove any prospects or leads that didn’t explicitly request email marketing from you or otherwise meet the requirements above. Even if you’re sending email marketing to customers that consented to receive your email, you’re still required by law to allow them to opt out of your email marketing list (you may need to turn on that feature in your CRM tool).
  • When someone opts-in to your list, they’re giving permission to receive your email marketing campaigns. Permission can go stale pretty quickly, so you only have a brief amount of time to reach out to your new subscribers before they forget having signed up for your list. Generally speaking, you’ve got about 6 months before a subscriber’s permission goes stale. If your subscribers haven’t heard from you within the last 6 months, you’ll need to reconfirm their permission.
  • As an added benefit, when you reconfirm your list you’ll also target those subscribers who really want to hear from you. Double opted-in lists have much higher engagement levels over time which translates to more opens and clicks and fewer bounces and unsubscribes. In ROI terms, your investment will stay fairly low while your return will increase!

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